Team Swing Analysis

Moving past dysfunction to function is one thing. But to move from a functional team to a team of distinction is another. The Swing Analysis is a great place to start in either scenario. It gives the leadership of a team key insights into how to raise the team’s results. By looking into the level of collaboration, coordination, and commitment, you can understand what levers to pull to move the team to the next level.

Our clients leverage a Swing Analysis when:

*  Launching a new high-stakes initiative that will require high levels of commitment across the… Read the full article >

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Lumina Team Assessment

The Lumina Team profile shows exactly where you fit in your team and the team profile of traits. It is perfect as its own workshop or as part of a team breakthrough session.

In a snapshot you can see the distribution of personality preferences. You can see at a glance the strong traits and characteristics within a group as well as potential blind spots. Patterns start to emerge, revealing both potential strengths and development opportunities within the team. At an individual level, you can then see where and how you fit in the team.

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