Expert Interview Series: Halelly Azulay of TalentGrow on Boosting Your Team’s Performance

Halelly Azulay is a leadership development strategist and the CEO of TalentGrow LLC, where she develops leaders and teams, especially for enterprises experiencing explosive growth or expansion. We recently got her advice for how leaders can help increase team performance. Here’s what she had to say:

Can you tell us about your leadership philosophy?

Leaders facilitate peak performance in others.

So what are the keys to become a leader teams want to follow?

Leaders must provide a vision and helpful guidance and advice (if needed) as well as performance supports like tools, resources,… Read the full article >

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Expert Interview Series: Andrew Greenberg of The Recruiting Division on Smarter Recruiting

Andrew Greenberg is the President of The Recruiting Division, a leader in Contract Recruiter based RPO solutions. He has 17 years of recruiting experience and a Masters Degree in personnel psychology. We recently talked to Andrew about how he approaches recruiting and how businesses can improve their hiring processes. Here’s what he had to say:

What’s your philosophy on recruiting? How do you approach it differently than other firms?

Our approach to recruiting starts with the premise that candidates are not commodities. “Sourcing” does not mean mass emails and generic voicemails. A great recruiter… Read the full article >

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