Meeting Happiness: Is it Possible?

We spend much of our lives in meetings. That is not bad in itself – we need to collaborate on important matters. Yet, if not run well, these meetings lower morale and reduce productivity. Our recent research of over 300 professionals on happiness and productive teams found that well run meetings are positively correlated to productive teams and happy employees. Here are 3 ways to create it.

3 Ways to Create Meeting Happiness: If you want to create meeting happiness, which creates happy and productive teams, here is what to do:

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5 Counterintuitive Techniques to Transform Your Team Meetings

Unfortunately, many of the basic meeting-management techniques that leaders use fail to result in effective meetings. Even with an agenda, and strong task leadership, there is one huge problem that gets in the way: people!  If there were robots in the meeting, well then it might all work smoothly.  But people don’t act like leaders want them to in meetings.  Distractions, group think, lack of comfort with conflict, overly quiet people, overly talkative people, and other things that are human nature get in the way of having a good meeting.


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The Magic Of Painful Meetings

You just led a meeting and you feel pretty good. Tasks were checked off, progress appears to be made and everyone seemed pretty happy at the end. Guess what – it was a waste of time. Odds are you missed an opportunity to raise the bar.

The whole point of bringing people together is collaborate. Collaborate means to work together, to labor together, to create something together. How can you create something of value if everyone is happy and calm?Read the full article >

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