Successful Leaders in 2016 Will Create Teams with ‘Minds of Their Own’

As 2016 begins, people more than ever are thinking on their own. Whether for good or evil, news feeds are full of stories about people acting ‘on their own’: from the heroes on the train in France to the terrorists in California. The 2 most prominent U.S. Presidential contenders (Trump and Sanders) are a reflection of this desire for independent thinking. While their political views are polar opposites, they are both positioned as independent thinkers. They are not from the political establishment, but rather ‘their own men’. As I have traveled the world this year working with leaders—across the… Read the full article >

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Is A Committed Capitalist Really an Enlightened Leader In Disguise?

To many, “capitalist” has a negative connotation: greedy, only thinking of their money and not people. Yet, I have found that bottom line capitalists are in fact often not only enlightened leaders, but extremely generous, to the point of being humanists.

When I started in this field in 1993, I considered myself a humanist. I was guided by the principle that if employees concerns are ignored, it will negatively impact the company. I still think this principle is the foundation of strong leadership, yet I am surprised by how often over the years I have heard myself asking clients,… Read the full article >

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The Smartest Leadership Strategy: Say Nothing

Most leaders’ natural reaction to low team performance is to take charge. They view this as their job: to set direction and lead. However, in many cases, this is actually the completely wrong approach.  Sometimes the strongest and smartest approach is to sit back, stay silent and say nothing. 

Being the strongest voice in the room is a typical success strategy.  Leaders have a way of getting heard, above all others, even when they are not formally in charge.  And this is not bad.  There is a place for setting direction among the many… Read the full article >

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