Team Hygiene Habits

Teams of distinction dedicate time for hygiene. Hygiene literally means practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease. This applies to teams just as it does to people.

Without regular time set aside for the team to work through issues, the team gets toxic. The issues and problems build up. The team energy turns negative. And the team gets derailed.

Teams must schedule in time regularly to hash out the differences, and plan for success. Here are my recommendation for good team hygiene and staying in top team shape:

Daily:  Appreciate.  People are great at finding problems but its… Read the full article >

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Team Swing Analysis

Moving past dysfunction to function is one thing. But to move from a functional team to a team of distinction is another. The Swing Analysis is a great place to start in either scenario. It gives the leadership of a team key insights into how to raise the team’s results. By looking into the level of collaboration, coordination, and commitment, you can understand what levers to pull to move the team to the next level.

Our clients leverage a Swing Analysis when:

*  Launching a new high-stakes initiative that will require high levels of commitment across the… Read the full article >

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Does your team have swing?

Does your team have Swing?!

Swing is a term from crew boat racing and means a team of talented people working in near perfect synchronization.

The quality of an organization’s team – specifically, how it is galvanized and unified to achieve a mission – has a major impact on the success of the organization. Great teams – teams with swing – are identifiable by their forward progress. They continuously raise the bar, move forward, innovate on the run, achieve their goals, set new objectives, and exceed benchmarks and expectations… Read the full article >

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How to Rally Your Team Using the Natural Workings of the Human Mind

Mediocre leaders focus on having their teams perform carefully proscribed functions for pay. But those companies that excel, those that create extraordinary results in the challenging world of business, are those whose leaders raise the bar to exceptional heights with aspirational ambitions. Aspirational ambitions are established by smart leaders who understand the nature of people. They know that creating something beyond the ordinary requires focusing people on the extraordinary.

The Nature of People’s Mind

According to Harvard… Read the full article >

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9 Ways You Are Destroying Your Team

In a program we ran with top executives of a multi-billion dollar company, the CEO asked us – “Why don’t we have this much fun at work?” So we asked back “What are you doing at work that is destroying teamwork?” This is what he and his team said:


1.Create unreasonable time constraints. Be sure to overwhelm team members with impossible deadlines so the reality of their already heavy, burdensome workloads doesn’t allow them to be creative and passionate on anything… Read the full article >

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Collaboration’s Biggest Misconception

Traditional thinking is that collaboration is driven from the top down. The fatal assumption is this: that the leader sets a vision for teamwork and then people will eventually come along. In theory this makes sense, and some element of this is true. Yet it misses something essential: employees hold the keys.

The fact is that much of collaborative process comes from the bottom up. Yes the leader must have a business need driving the need for collaboration such as innovation to beat the competition, quicker responsiveness to customers’ requests to close deals, better quality products. And they must… Read the full article >

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Be the Admiral not the Oarsman

After a working with an American global leadership team for a few days on the coast of Spain, Lawrence Polsky, co-founder, shares a CEO’s misstep and learning.

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Successful Leaders in 2016 Will Create Teams with ‘Minds of Their Own’

As 2016 begins, people more than ever are thinking on their own. Whether for good or evil, news feeds are full of stories about people acting ‘on their own’: from the heroes on the train in France to the terrorists in California. The 2 most prominent U.S. Presidential contenders (Trump and Sanders) are a reflection of this desire for independent thinking. While their political views are polar opposites, they are both positioned as independent thinkers. They are not from the political establishment, but rather ‘their own men’. As I have traveled the world this year working with leaders—across the… Read the full article >

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The Only Way to Identify Leadership Greatness

Most leaders, despite the myths they tell themselves, are not great. In fact leadership research shows that CEO’s are more optimistic than the average person. This often applies to their self assessment. They cannot see their limitations or how they are undermining their team. Additionally, people around them wont give them honest feedback on their leadership skills for fear of retribution. They can live in an inflated bubble, believing their own spin. There is only one way for a leader to know the truth of their leadership greatness: look at what your team is doing.

My brother-in-law, a corporate… Read the full article >

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The Leadership Competency That Is The Invisible Code Of Team Success

Great leaders have one thing in common. They take a winning idea/product/innovation and rally people around it to create exceptional levels of success.

You can give credit to the innovations – but the roadside is littered with seemingly genius innovations that went nowhere–often because the geniuses behind the innovations could not rally people to make it into a feasible business. Based on my experience coaching and advising leaders for two decades, the ones who can successfully inspire their people to greatness, have one competency before all others: cultivating mission critical thinking.

Winning teams do not think of their work,… Read the full article >

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