Does your team have swing?

Does your team have Swing?!

Swing is a term from crew boat racing and means a team of talented people working in near perfect synchronization.

The quality of an organization’s team – specifically, how it is galvanized and unified to achieve a mission – has a major impact on the success of the organization. Great teams – teams with swing – are identifiable by their forward progress. They continuously raise the bar, move forward, innovate on the run, achieve their goals, set new objectives, and exceed benchmarks and expectations… Read the full article >

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Leading Change in 60 seconds

Exceptional leaders succeed in 60 seconds.

We’ve taught thousands of leaders on 5 continents on how to implement change which includes how to deliver bad or uncomfortable news – while creating acceptance, positive feelings and even excitement.

The key?

Capturing “The Why.”

Every leader needs to know how to give the ‘one minute change speech’.
The number one reason leaders fail to implement change is that employees don’t have enough urgency to move through the problems of change. In other words, people do not have a good enough answer… Read the full article >

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What Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Taught Us About Leadership That Executive Coaches Never Talk About

donald trump

Donald Trump, in his interview with Megyn Kelly last night, opened a window to a critical leadership trait. This trait is so central to any leader’s success that if you don’t have it, you will never make it in the business world. It is a trait Mark Zuckerberg and Indra Nooyi have. It is a trait Jack Welch wrote a whole book on. It is key to what enabled Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. to succeed. And… Read the full article >

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Be the Admiral not the Oarsman

After a working with an American global leadership team for a few days on the coast of Spain, Lawrence Polsky, co-founder, shares a CEO’s misstep and learning.

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The Smartest Leadership Strategy: Say Nothing

Most leaders’ natural reaction to low team performance is to take charge. They view this as their job: to set direction and lead. However, in many cases, this is actually the completely wrong approach.  Sometimes the strongest and smartest approach is to sit back, stay silent and say nothing. 

Being the strongest voice in the room is a typical success strategy.  Leaders have a way of getting heard, above all others, even when they are not formally in charge.  And this is not bad.  There is a place for setting direction among the many… Read the full article >

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How To Shine A Light On Invisible Team Conflict And End It

You sense something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on it. You know the team is stuck, and results are suffering. You hear people here and there talking badly about others.  You have subterranean conflict, conflict gone underground and causing a ripple through all that is going on. Here is what to do.

This 2 minute video is a quick summary of what to do, filmed right after a team breakthrough session to address subterranean conflict. More details on… Read the full article >

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3 Strategies to Move From Leading Brick and Mortar Team to Leading Virtual

After coaching Dennis, the CEO of a growing startup, here are 3 strategies he used to change from leading a team nearby to leading a team across the Atlantic ocean.

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Leading Change in China

After working with an expanded leadership team in Shanghai for a global customer based in Europe, Antoine shares the 3 keys to successfully creating an empowered leadership team after a reorganization is rolled out globally.

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Lessons from Leading Teams in Russia

From Red Square, Moscow, Antoine Gerschel, outlines 4 lessons from consulting with a Russian Leadership Team of a Global Organization.

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Increase Your Team's Swing: Learn How >