Achieve 12 x ROTI (Return on Team Investment),
using our proprietary team building method

Does Your Team Have Swing? Could Team-Building Help Achieve It?

Is team-building required? The greatest delta in business is the difference between the performance of a group of people working together and the achievements of a fully synchronized team. The difference is swing.

Swing is the invisible force that creates great teams. It is a feeling, it is a spirit. The same feeling you get when you walk into a room of tight knit group of people passionately working towards something they KNOW is the most important thing.

It is the near-perfect synchronization of talented people creating something no one else has, can, or ever will. It’s not just talented people hitting their numbers; not just smart, motivated workers

beating deadlines. It’s a team doing something with an exponent over it; creating something that is greater than any one or two of them could ever do alone.

Swing is indescribable yet everyone wants it.


Our Team-Building and Executive Coaching programs are specially customized for each client to raise their swing. To transform their team into a Team Of Distinction: those that move past the buzzwords and the clichés, to leverage the power of collaboration to achieve their personal and collective best. Team-building is not only great for morale and inter-discipline engagement, but will also help productivity and profits in the future.

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Since 2008, over 30,000 professionals on 5 continents have profited from our team-building and executive coaching programs. Our customers say they receive a 200%-6,600% Return on Investment from applying our proprietary methodologies. One reason for our success is that our Team Consultants are all experienced leaders. They personally understand what it takes to lead teams and create swing. Their counsel is practical based on real world experience.

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