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“I wanted to personally thank you for a great session over the last two days. It was cathartic, allowed us to be introspective and to really understand how we might support one another. We achieved a lot given the feedback from multiple folks. So thanks again and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Josephine Fubara, Ph.D.

Global R&D Franchise Lead, Pfizer

Chart Industries, Inc.

“Teams of Distinction worked with us during critical times in our organizational transformation. They demonstrated the ability to quickly diagnose, propose and then implement pragmatic development plans for our organization and for individual leaders. We were able to effectively scale those programs to the needs and time requirements of the organization.”

Samuel F. Thomas

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Chart Industries, Inc

NYC Department of Health

“A long overdue thank you for all the great work you have done with us and with me, over the past few months. There is definitely a marked improvement in our communication as an executive team. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with you, and I’m sure we will make great strides because of your help and guidance.”

Amanda Heron Parsons

MD, MBA, Deputy Commissioner, NYC Department of Health

Starcom Mediavest Group

“Teams of Distinction is a trusted resource in times of change! When I joined this part of the organization, we had to build a new structure, define core processes and then implement them. Antoine and his team helped me find the appropriate solution, effectively convey information and focus on performance. In today’s downturn we have leaders focus on what they CAN control, not what they CAN’T, and develop skills to cope with ambiguity and at the same time prepare for the rebound.”

Bernard Bedon, Ph.D.

EVP, Global HR Director | Talent & Innovation, Starcom Mediavest Group

Wolters Kluwer North America

“Teams of Distinction has been a valuable resource for our Leadership Development and Performance Management initiatives. Antoine and Lawrence are extremely customer-focused and personable. Their team is flexible and creative in providing solutions in a dynamic business environment.”

Ruth Kao

Talent Management Specialist, Wolters Kluwer North America


“Thank you so much Lawrence for two great, engaging performance management training sessions. The program was a big hit. It has been great working with you over the last few months. You were so easy-going and professional; truly a pleasure!”

Rebecca McBride

Human Resources, Intuit

Sharp Electronics

“Lawrence’s perceptive and engaging personality got team participation going and kept the process on track so that we accomplished our objectives on schedule and budget. He’s easy to work with and I would do so again.”

Charles Carrol Seghers

Director of Strategic Marketing, Sharp Electronics

Opvizor, Inc.

“Teams of Distinction has been instrumental in bringing my leadership team to the next level of performance. In a technology start-up environment like ours it is crucial to be able to manage the demands of rapid growth, daily stress, unpredictability, while doing it with young technical professionals who may have never been in such a situation. Antoine has helped us to keep organizational and people needs in sight and to make crucial personnel decisions during our transition from one level of company growth to the next.”

Dennis Zimmer

CEO, Opvizor Inc.

MaCX ReD Ltd.

“Teams of Distinction is an invaluable resource, coach, and sounding board during the rapid growth of our new venture. Their hands-on approach is ideally suited for our innovative and flexible environment, where new ideas are immediately implemented and refined in practice. They do a great job in anticipating challenges as they arise and in mitigating potential issues before they escalate.”

Lukas Elmiger

Managing Director, Research & Development, MaCX ReD Ltd.


Here is one quote we got right as the event ended—and praise does NOT come easily in this culture: “Great session. One of the best I have had the pleasure of attending in my time at Dell and very pertinent at this time of challenge.”

Eric Paul

Exec. Director Exec. Talent Solutions, Dell


“The contribution you have made to both the team and myself has been significant and certainly has put us on a path to become a ‘Team of Distinction’.”

Doug Sharp

Global President, Sartomer

AES Corporation

“Our team needed to recharge and refocus after a year of hard fought success. Two days with Teams of Distinction reenergized the team, gave us a new focus, improved communication, generated new ideas for improvement and made team priorities clearer, which I say is a 500% ROI.”

Tish Mendoza

VP, Global HR & Internal Communications, AES Corporation


“Teams of Distinction are true change management champions. They helped us to successfully master a huge global change process in our company! I cannot imagine achieving it without such great coaches and trainers as Antoine and Lawrence!”

Michael Both

Executive Vice President Human Resources & Communication, Omya

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

“Teams of Distinction is the first vendor I’ve worked with in my 20 years of experience who is our ‘advocate’ after the sale! Their service remains extraordinary as our company evolves through myriad challenges, resulting from a merger as well as the daily barrage of change inherent in the technology marketplace. Antoine proved to be a gifted facilitator and change agent during the implementation of new business processes in our National IT Learning Center, supported through acquisitions of technical infrastructure with strategic partners of Teams of Distinction. In support of our leadership program, he provided access to innovative methodologies that allow us to gather, analyze and track the pulse of our leadership team, thus having data and trends for a timely response to relevant issues. We are grateful for the numerous opportunities derived from Teams of Distinction’s insight and experience.”

Patricia Hill, Ph.D.

Chief Learning Officer, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

Evangelical Community Hospital

“Lawrence took the time to learn our organization and customize his presentation to our environment. The managers who attended learned techniques to help guide and motivate their team through change. Lawrence’s high energy and participative style engaged our management team and instilled in them a renewed ‘can do’ attitude.”

Glenn Eisenhauer

Vice President Human Resources, Evangelical Community Hospital

Sallie Mae

“Everyone really enjoyed your presentation! The comment I heard more than once was “we really needed this.” Keep up the great work!”

Robin Famiglietti

Vice President, National Sales Manager, Sallie Mae

Munich Re

“Lawrence and Antoine – the feedback received to date on your speaking event has been amazing. You were a hit and exceeded expectations. Thank you for your partnership. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”


“Lawrence’s speech to our global management team was excellent and very well received. His combination of personal stories and physically engaging activities really helped the group to view change in a more positive and opportunistic way. The next day, many people were using his concept of “Why”, including our CEO in his wrap up comments.”

Joanna Lipper

Director of Communications, CANBERRA, an AREVA company

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