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Of course your people do their work, but are they galvanized into a team that is greater than the sum of its parts? Do they have momentum? Is the culture electric? Are they caught up in debates to raise the needle to a new level?

The quality of an organization’s team – specifically, how it is galvanized and unified to achieve a mission – has a major impact on the success of the organization. Great teams are identifiable by their forward progress. They continuously raise the bar, move forward, innovate on the run, achieve their goals, set new objectives, and exceed benchmarks and expectations as they morph to leverage the opportunities that arise.

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Our team breakthrough sessions are built to create teams of distinction. They will breakthrough stagnation, conflict, passivity and a whole lot more. How do we know? Our customer research shows that, on average, customers receive a 12x ROI from applying our proprietary team building methodologies. (Click here to see details.)

All of our programs are specially crafted for individual clients’ needs and designed to result in turning your team into a Team of Distinction. Some of the common challenges we help executives overcome include:

Increase Innovation – Innovation will not happen in your company when you are operating in silos. Innovation will instead come from power of collaboration: bringing together the intelligence and capabilities of people across silos. Our team breakthrough sessions bust silos in your teams and enable your functional and geographic-based experts to operate together, as one, in the pursuit of your next innovation.

“ The contribution you have made to both the team and myself has been significant and certainly has put us on a path to become a ‘Team of Distinction’. ”

– Doug Sharp, Global President, Sartomer

Move Past Conflict – Whether conflict arises from organizational changes, acquisitions, personalities or all of the above, our proprietary team building methodology will create a breakthrough to a new team culture. We have worked with many teams stuck in conflict and know what it takes to help your team move forward, together.

“ A long overdue thank you for all the great work you have done with us and with me, over the past few months. There is definitely a marked improvement in our communication as an executive team. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with Teams of Distinction, and I’m sure we will make great strides because of your help and guidance. ”

– Amanda Heron Parsons, MD, MBA, Deputy Commissioner, NYC Department of Health

Elite Team Improvement – Conventional wisdom holds that weak teams are the ideal candidates for team building exercises and programs. But paradoxically, it is actually exceptional teams that benefit the most from this. How can that be? Think of two groups of golfers. One is beginners and the other experts. They each get a training session. The former will learn some of the basics, but the latter have the real opportunity to achieve a real breakthrough. They don’t have to dwell on the basics. The best players are focused on small adjustments to their game – some of it mental and some of it physical. Teams are the same way.

“ I wanted to personally thank you for a great session over the last two days. It was cathartic, allowed us to be introspective and to really understand how we might support one another. We achieved a lot given the feedback from multiple folks. So thanks again and look forward to working with you in the future. ”

– Josephine Fubara, Ph.D. Global R&D Franchise Lead, Pfizer

New Leader/Team Assimilation – We have helped many executives who were brought into new roles get their teams pointed in the right direction. Our baseline swing analysis helps everyone understand the strengths and challenges of the team. Our team breakthrough session will then galvanize the team around its mission, set aspirational ambitions, and create the internal combustion the team needs to propel itself forward.

“ Teams of Distinction has been instrumental in bringing my leadership team to the next level of performance. In a technology start-up environment like ours it is crucial to be able to manage the demands of rapid growth, daily stress, unpredictability. They helped us to make crucial decisions during our transition from one level of company growth to the next. ”

– Dennis Zimmer, CEO, Opvizor

Reenergize Existing Team – Executive teams are under considerably more pressure than executives of 5 or 10 years ago. Markets change with remarkable rapidity, as do technologies. There is increased regulatory pressure and a workforce that in many ways is different from that of yesterday. CEOs are expected to produce results and do so quickly. To succeed in this environment, now more than ever teams need time to reflect, refocus and reenergize. They are often drained from the 24/7 pressures. Many leaders use our team breakthrough sessions as a way to recharge their teams and get them in sync for the obstacles ahead.

“ Our team needed to recharge and refocus after a year of hard fought success. Two days with Teams of Distinction reenergized the team, gave us a new focus, improved communication, generated new ideas for improvement and made team priorities clearer. ”

– Tish Mendoza. VP, Global HR & Internal Communications, AES Corporation


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