Executive Coaching Services

Our Team-Building Programs Include Executive Coaching Services.

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Executive Coaching Services

About Executive Coaching: To create a Team of Distinction, you must first have executives that understand how to build and lead a group of people toward becoming a Team of Distinction.

Our customized coaching is leader focused: providing what the leader needs to succeed. We start with a careful analysis of the business context and assessment of personal and environmental factors. As a result of the process, the leader gains an understanding of the impact their behavior is having on results, positively and negatively. Additionally, we help the leader work within the reality they are facing. We help them overcome the practical challenges of collaborating with their manager and other key stakeholders to create the desired results.

Target Audience: Our Executive Coaching program is designed for leaders who are:

  • Leading a key team of high performers on a strategic initiative, making sure they are operating as a high-performing team.
  • Being labeled negatively and it is interfering with career and team results.
  • A new leader promoted up the ranks that needs help moving from technical manager to technical executive.
  • In charge of a merged team from an acquisition or large reorganization that is not jelling due to underlying negativity, conflict and/or resistance.
  • Experiencing conflict within the leadership team that is interfering with the ability of the department to move forward in one direction.
  • Leading a team where negativity about a new direction the team is taking is preventing progress.

Action Plan:

Step 1: Agree on Goals
This step sets the framework for the coaching assignment. It includes meeting with the key stakeholders in the engagement to understand the business context, discuss the coaching process and agree on the goals.

Step 2: Assessment
Our assessment methods include

  • Structured Interviews with managers, HR representatives, Coachee and other key stakeholders
  • Analyzing the business situation, urgencies, 360º Feedback if existing
  • Other assessment tools if needed such as EQ-i, Interaction Styles, etc.

Step 3: Begin Coaching

  1. Kickoff with Manager and Coachee
  2. Review assessment results with Coachee
  3. Identify and discuss main issues
  4. Prioritize issues
  5. Create coaching plan

Steps 4 and beyond
The specific steps and content of coaching sessions are dependent on the needs of the leaders. On average, coaching engagements last from three to six months. They involve a combination of face-to-face and phone coaching.

Evolve – Executive Coaching For Rapid Expansion of Technology Startups

Business success creates its own set of challenges. Constantly changing roles, increased demand on talent and rapidly increasing stakeholders who need to be considered and integrated.

This is particularly true in technology startups. To support you we provide Evolve, a specialized retainer service where we are on call for coaching and team building as you need us. We use Skype chats and face-to-face meetings to:

  • Carefully select, monitor and develop mission critical positions/people
  • Help onboard new key positions
  • Offer unlimited coaching and check-in calls
  • Do “on the job” team coaching by sitting in on meetings and giving the team instant feedback on how to improve performance
  • Help integrate remote workers into the team
  • Solidify headquarters’ team to better manage a multi-site operation
  • Recharge team morale
  • Address change overload

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