Does your team have swing?

Does your team have Swing?!

Swing is a term from crew boat racing and means a team of talented people working in near perfect synchronization.

The quality of an organization’s team – specifically, how it is galvanized and unified to achieve a mission – has a major impact on the success of the organization. Great teams – teams with swing – are identifiable by their forward progress. They continuously raise the bar, move forward, innovate on the run, achieve their goals, set new objectives, and exceed benchmarks and expectations as they morph to leverage the opportunities that arise.

At Teams of Distinction we help high performing executive teams raise the bar even higher when facing new business challenges.

To achieve it, requires a break through in attitude, behavior and team culture.

That’s what our business focused team breakthrough sessions do. They will breakthrough stagnation, conflict, passivity and a whole lot more. How do we know? Our customer research shows that, on average, customers receive a 12x ROI from applying our proprietary team building methodologies.

All of our programs are specially crafted for individual clients’ needs and designed to result in turning your team into a Team of Distinction. Some of the common challenges we help executives overcome include:

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