What Facebook Leaders Do in June with Their Teams That You Probably Don’t but Should

All executives start off their year with the best intentions. “This year will be better.” “Our results will be higher.” They set annual goals. They coach their people periodically. They may even have an annual retreat to kick off the year. Yet they don’t leverage one key thing that Facebook does to ensure that their team turns their January dreams into a reality.

mark zuckerberg in office

Most goals are set once at the beginning of the year. My experience with these annual goals at work is that they are… Read the full article >

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Is A Committed Capitalist Really an Enlightened Leader In Disguise?

To many, “capitalist” has a negative connotation: greedy, only thinking of their money and not people. Yet, I have found that bottom line capitalists are in fact often not only enlightened leaders, but extremely generous, to the point of being humanists.

When I started in this field in 1993, I considered myself a humanist. I was guided by the principle that if employees concerns are ignored, it will negatively impact the company. I still think this principle is the foundation of strong leadership, yet I am surprised by how often over the years I have heard myself asking clients,… Read the full article >

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