8 Guidelines for Communicating Change Virtually


Today’s organizational changes involve employees spread around regions, countries, and continents. Virtual tools like GoToWebinar, Skype, blogs, and Facebook offer a terrific amount of added flexibility to communicate with people. Yet, there are also many limitations and challenges when communicating change in this new digital world.

In principal, all the rules of communicating change apply in virtual situations. In fact, they are amplified because when you are not face-to-face, it is more critical to follow all of the guidelines…. Read the full article >

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The H Factor: The Human Hormone Element That Drives Great Teams

Fact: email conversations usually do more to divide team members than to bond them

Fact: web meetings are often a waste of time, creating stress and bad feelings

These are but a few of the elements that reveal the importance of what we have discovered as The H Factor. 

When we are physically together with people, our bodies produce hormones that make us nice.  This is the same biology that bonds mother and child, and it  occurs in all people at a smaller level whenever… Read the full article >

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3 Strategies to Move From Leading Brick and Mortar Team to Leading Virtual

After coaching Dennis, the CEO of a growing startup, here are 3 strategies he used to change from leading a team nearby to leading a team across the Atlantic ocean.

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