How to Ignite Your Team on January 1

Ask any CEO their goals for the year and they will tell you their market growth and profitability targets. But ask them WHY these goals matter, and many won’t get beyond long-term growth and competitive advantage. These are important reasons to set goals but they won’t set your team on fire. They won’t give your team the energy to climb the hurdles they will face. Organizational success is built upon a stronger bedrock than goals. The research is clear that the motivation to excel resides in the emotions, not the intellect. To blow away your goals, you need to create a… Read the full article >

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The Leadership Competency That Is The Invisible Code Of Team Success

Great leaders have one thing in common. They take a winning idea/product/innovation and rally people around it to create exceptional levels of success.

You can give credit to the innovations – but the roadside is littered with seemingly genius innovations that went nowhere–often because the geniuses behind the innovations could not rally people to make it into a feasible business. Based on my experience coaching and advising leaders for two decades, the ones who can successfully inspire their people to greatness, have one competency before all others: cultivating mission critical thinking.

Winning teams do not think of their work,… Read the full article >

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How to Create The Team Culture That Won Olympic Gold

When people talk about sports analogies in business, no one ever talks about crew teams. And the term that never gets talked about in great teams is “swing”.

79 years ago this week, an underdog US Crew Team astonished Hitler and the world by winning the 1936 Olympic Gold in Germany. This story of true teamwork is told in recent best-seller Boys in the Boat. In the book, “swing” is described this way:

“There is a thing that sometimes happens in rowing that is hard to achieve and hard to define. Many crews, even winning crews, never really find… Read the full article >

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Increase Your Team's Swing: Learn How >