Team Hygiene Habits

Teams of distinction dedicate time for hygiene. Hygiene literally means practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease. This applies to teams just as it does to people.

Without regular time set aside for the team to work through issues, the team gets toxic. The issues and problems build up. The team energy turns negative. And the team gets derailed.

Teams must schedule in time regularly to hash out the differences, and plan for success. Here are my recommendation for good team hygiene and staying in top team shape:

Daily:¬† Appreciate. ¬†People are great at finding problems but its… Read the full article >

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11 Ways to Turn Around Your Executive Team, Today

Teams get off course. It happens. Even with good people and the best intentions. Sometimes a new CEO comes in and needs to turn things around to boost profitability; sometimes a C-level executive needs to change the product mix or the team can’t get its head and heart around the new approach; and sometimes the team (for an unknown reason) is simply not as productive as they could be and needs to improve results. In these and many other cases like them, it is not so complicated.

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