The H Factor: The Human Hormone Element That Drives Great Teams

Fact: email conversations usually do more to divide team members than to bond them

Fact: web meetings are often a waste of time, creating stress and bad feelings

These are but a few of the elements that reveal the importance of what we have discovered as The H Factor. 

When we are physically together with people, our bodies produce hormones that make us nice.  This is the same biology that bonds mother and child, and it  occurs in all people at a smaller level whenever… Read the full article >

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How Leaders Can Ask For Help and Keep Their Team’s Confidence

It’s a stereotype that men would rather be lost than stop and get directions, but it turns out asking for help carries a psychological penalty for guys. A study from researchers at Duke University, the University of San Diego, and the University of Pittsburgh found that male leaders who ask for help are perceived as being less competent. When female leaders solicit help, however, the negative image didn’t apply.

“What drives this perception is that help-seeking is atypical for men but not for women,” says Dave Lebel, assistant professor of business administration at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz… Read the full article >

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When Leaders Must Cross The Toughness Line

With decades of talk about improving “emotional intelligence” (code for being nicer), and societies questioning gender roles–for men and women-the challenge for leaders is what is the toughness line and can they cross it?

One of the largest research studies on the traits of effective leaders, known as The Big Five, concludes that tough and even “abusive” leaders may be unavoidable and even desirable. The study identified Neuroticism (characterized by moodiness, jealousy and emotional reactivity) as one of the top traits of effective leaders. Abusiveness is a fuzzy line.  Some people perceive and cry abuse with leaders who use tough talk.  Others aren’t bothered… Read the full article >

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One Small Thing You Do that Makes Your Team Think You’re a Bully Boss

Her team members were seen crying in the bathroom. They wrote a letter of demands, like hostages, to the VP of Human Resources. And she had no idea that she was the problem.

This was 20 years ago and the first time I was asked to tell a Bully Boss that enough was enough.

When I talked to her team, it turned out, as is often the case, that they liked her in general. But it was just one… Read the full article >

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The Magic Of Painful Meetings

You just led a meeting and you feel pretty good. Tasks were checked off, progress appears to be made and everyone seemed pretty happy at the end. Guess what – it was a waste of time. Odds are you missed an opportunity to raise the bar.

The whole point of bringing people together is collaborate. Collaborate means to work together, to labor together, to create something together. How can you create something of value if everyone is happy and calm?Read the full article >

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When To Shut Up and When To Yell “Bingo”

Manager Keep their mouth shut

As the NY Times cited this weekend, a new study at M.I.T. last month confirmed that many of you reading this need to just shut up.

I agree. In my experience working with top teams, many executives are talkers, to the detriment of team performance. These talkers are often articulate and captivating, which makes it seem like they are adding value when they speak. But over time, when they open their mouth, others just check out of the… Read the full article >

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Being Called Bitchy Boss? Strategies to Change Perceptions

90% of the leaders I have coached over the past 20 years are women.There is one reason that some get labeled as bitchy. Learn what it is and 7 strategies to change that negative perception.

No one likes being called a bitch. It’s insulting and demeaning. Worse yet is getting a negative reputation for just doing your job. At work, women leaders sometimes have this problem to the extreme — especially if they do their job very well. Instead of being lauded as a high-achiever or considered for a promotion when they take charge and push people to create… Read the full article >

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3 Strategies to Move From Leading Brick and Mortar Team to Leading Virtual

After coaching Dennis, the CEO of a growing startup, here are 3 strategies he used to change from leading a team nearby to leading a team across the Atlantic ocean.

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